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Proposals are often complex efforts that can quickly spiral out of control. They are driven by tight deadlines and rigorous — sometimes unrealistic — customer requirements. Plus, a lot is riding on their success — your future business. They must be guided by steady hands at the helm, by people with experience working under pressure. ITMatchOnline can supply you with experienced proposal managers. The outsourcing proposal writing service providers know that proposals are the most important documents your company produces and how to use your resources to the best advantage. They are skilled in identifying and scheduling proposal tasks and meeting milestones.

These outsourcing service providers will work with your staff, with your processes, to make the best use of the resources and prepare a winning proposal. And if your in-house proposal resources are stretched, ITMatchOnline can supply specialists in all aspects of proposal development, from graphics to editing and production.

These proposal writing service providers will prepare the proposals considering these criteria:

  • Is the proposal in compliance with the customer's solicitation requirements?
  • Is the proposal responsive to customer's needs?
  • Are proposal strategies and themes clearly stated?
  • Is the proposal organized so the evaluators easily find what is important to them?
  • Are sections persuasive?
  • Does the proposal sound like it was written by one person or by a committee?
  • Is it "skimmable", that is, easy for someone who is just skimming through it to pick out what’s important?

These service providers will work with your team to develop a “win strategy” by conducting strategy sessions to identify the customer’s hidden "hot buttons" and determine what you will offer that will resolve them. They will help you develop a consistent set of themes based on clear customer benefits. As reviews are critical to the success of any proposal, these service providers will get the right people reviewing the document, looking for the right things, and giving you the feedback.

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